– Father and CEO –

oe marganon

 I was born in Santa Clara Cuba. My parents won the lottery in 1994 and were able to get out of Cuba. We arrived in Hialeah, FL in August 1995. Since I was a kid I’ve been very charismatic and I always knew I would be a business man once I grew up. I was never really into school or followed what everyone else did. I was always different. I started off promoting nightclubs at the age of 19 and that really opened up many doors for me. Knowing lots of people and building solid relationships has always been very easy for me. People admire my good intentions, my positive energy and most importantly my will to always help others in any way I can.

I’ve always had a passion for marketing and sales. In September 2014 I opened up my first business, OE Marketing LLC, through my hard work, dedication and perseverance I have grown to owning four businesses and went from making $50k annually to now making over $1.2 Million a year in just 2 years. feel that I am now in a position to teach, guide and help others turn their dreams into reality the same way I did for myself. I strongly believe my purpose is to help others succeed! That’s what truly fulfills me and makes me happy.

– Contact me –

2300 W 84th Street Hialeah, FL 33016



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