Social media is everything! When was the last time you picked up a newspaper, read a magazine, called an ad you heard on the radio or tv? When was the last time you called an ad because of a billboard you saw or bought something because the guy on 49th street in Hialeah gave you a flyer? I bet you definitely have bought or used a service in the past week because you got a recommendation on Facebook or because you saw something on Instagram/ Snapchat/ Twitter. Am I right? Exactly my point. Social media has changed my life and it is everything for me! If it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Stop letting social media be a distraction and turn it into a money making machine! ITS FREE & EVERYONE USES IT!

Posting: FB/IG Snapchat/ Twitter: You need to post minimum 5-7 pictures a day. Every 2 hours! Think about it, by doing this you are constantly in your audiences face all day! 365 days a year! Posting method is as follows: Example- I personally post 7 or more pictures daily! 4 PICTURES of anything you want ( entertaining pictures: motivational posts, family, love, happiness, funny stuff, cool new technology, art, selfies, sexy, healthy, etc. ). In between those pictures you post 3 pictures of advertising! This method keeps you entertaining/ relevant and not annoying. It’s just like a radio station. Good music and commercials in between.

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